Our whole-of-cancer approach has seen Eurolab become a market leader, offering oncologists and their patients an affordable whole-of-cancer solution from diagnosis through to treatment.

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    By remaining at the forefront of the latest international trends in cancer diagnosis, treatments and care, our goal to bring leading edge solutions to South African oncologists and their patients is being realised.

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  • Driving innovation – new treatments and therapies in South Africa

    Our continuous efforts to identify innovations that will improve patient outcomes means that patients and their clinical teams using our products add services can obtain the best possible results.

    Oncology Medicine

SA’s largest generic oncology company focuses on new treatments and technologies for cancer patients


Eurolab is the largest generic oncology company in South Africa and one of the most innovative in cancer treatment, cancer management and cancer care. Headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, we provide treatment therapies and technologies for oncologists to offer their patients the best, the latest and the most affordable options for their cancer treatment.


Eurolab Pharmaceuticals

Eurolab’s founding business is in generic oncology medicine, and today we are the single largest generic medicine company in the South African oncology market. We provide affordable and quality chemotherapy products. Products from our trusted suppliers are marketed across the world to the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia and Germany.


Aseptic Services Unit (ASU)

Located in Midrand, Johannesburg, and with a core business focus on world class cGMP sterile manufacturing, Eurolab’s Aseptic Services Unit (ASU) offers three key services. Firstly, the centralised mixing services of sterile medicines, secondly, the manufacture of biologically based advanced therapeutic medicines, and thirdly, the production of sterile clinical trial material. It is South Africa’s first centralised mixing facility which also meets international standards. This flagship Eurolab facility is aligned with top facilities in the United Kingdom, Europe and Australia and in South Africa, and is offering significant benefits to oncologists and their patients to make the treatment process efficient, safe and quick – and more affordable.


The Gamma Knife South Africa

The Gamma Knife is a high dose, non-invasive radiosurgery for delicate brain tissue brought to South Africa through a partnership between Eurolab and Netcare’s Milpark Hospital. The Gamma Knife is referred to as the international gold standard in intracranial radiosurgery. Its high level of precision and ability to focus on a precise target ensures that the risk of inaccuracies and radiation affecting healthy surrounding tissue are minimalised.



Oncolab is a specialised oncology and haematology testing facility which provides diagnostics in haematological malignancies and solid tumours that previously could only be performed in the United States and Europe. Oncolab supports some of South Africa’s largest oncology and haematology practices with specialised testing, providing accurate results and insights which inform the best options for patient management.


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