Our single most important driver is to bring down the cost of cancer treatment without compromising quality.

Quality and affordable generic oncology medicines

Eurolab was founded in 2011 to make quality chemotherapy products affordable and available and to ensure a reliable supply of generic oncology medicines. Today we are the market leader and the largest generic oncology company in the country, and we continue to find ways to improve access to oncology medicine in South Africa. We are also planning to add new medicines to our existing set of 25 different oncology products. 

Before being released, our products are batch-tested at the manufacturer and again in certified independent laboratories. 

Eurolab’s medicines are included on the majority of the formularies used by pharmacies which dispense cancer medication

Security of supply

Our value offering comes with a commitment to ensure security of supply so that no patient is ever subjected to treatment interruptions due to unavailability of a medicine or a quality concern. We endeavour to keep a minimum of 12-months stock across all our products. In the event that we anticipate disruptions to supply we inform all health professions timeously so that the correct adjustments can be made to their patients’ treatment.

Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs)

Eurolab has worked hard to establish systems to ensure that no patient’s safety is unduly compromised. If an Adverse Drug Reaction or ADR is reported we provide advice to the clinical team on managing its impact and avoiding it going forward. Any new ADR is rigorously reviewed: we work closely with the clinical team and the regulator to ensure that the event is appropriately documented and communicated to decisions-makers.


A study published in the American Journal of Medicine revealed that because of high cancer treatment costs, 42% of new cancer patients lose all their life savings within two years of diagnosis and 62% of patients remain in debt due to their treatment costs.

Since its inception, Eurolab has driven the price of oncology medicine in South Africa down by as much as 53% in molecules in which we compete compared to an average price increase of 31% in those molecules in which we do not compete.

Today, patients are paying less than half of what they were in 2011. Our strategic focus remains on driving down costs, enhancing care and making more treatments, therapies and technologies available to cancer patients.

We also value feedback from patients which improves our ongoing effort to maintain the highest level of quality.