Every year in June, Eurolab joins the world in celebrating Cancer Survivors Month. This is one of the most important months in the cancer awareness calendar. It speaks to the importance of screening and early detection, the vital role that oncologists and their healthcare teams play in treating cancer patients, and the courage that cancer patients show in facing their cancer and enduring their treatment.

To observe this important health awareness month, first and foremost, Eurolab honours each and every cancer patient that has survived their cancer. Secondly, it is an opportunity to reflect on the ground-breaking work of scientists and researchers who find new therapies and better treatments for cancer all the time. Last but not least, without clinicians and their medical staff, especially nurses, who work tirelessly to improve the outcomes of cancer patients, there would be no cause for celebration.

Cancer survivors

A cancer diagnosis is challenging for every patient, their friends and family. Cancer Survivors Month is ultimately about those who have survived their cancer and tackled their illness with strength, courage and perseverance.

Cancer survivors who have walked the cancer journey often become spokespeople and advocates for other cancer patients. They often support those who are newly diagnosed, frightened and left with many questions about their future. Eurolab salutes these advocates who support cancer patients and play a pivotal role in raising awareness about cancer and educating the public about the importance of screening and early detection.

Financial implications of cancer treatment

It is a common misconception that after a patient has beaten cancer, their world returns to normal. In reality, the situation is different. A cancer diagnosis takes its toll, not only physically and emotionally, but also financially. Treatments for cancer are notoriously costly and result in heavy financial burdens for patients and their families. Researchers have referred to this as ‘financial toxicity’.

Driving down the cost of cancer treatment

Eurolab was founded over ten years ago to drive down the cost of cancer treatment. In 2011, we recognised that the costs involved with treating cancer can be crippling and set about finding a solution to ease the financial burden that cancer places on patients and their families. This is still the driving force of our business today.

Eurolab remains steadfast in its commitment to keeping the costs of treatment as low as possible by offering high quality generic medicine options to oncologists and their patients.

We strive to ensure that our products are competitively priced to increase access to treatment, improve outcomes and celebrate cancer survivors.

In the month of June, Eurolab salutes all cancer survivors and the people in their support networks who have eased their journey, from diagnosis through treatment.

The devastation of receiving a diagnosis of a dreaded disease cannot be downplayed. Neither should it be. When a cancer patient responds to treatment, and returns to a full productive life, it is a reason to celebrate.

Eurolab encourages all cancer survivors to use the month of June to celebrate their recovery. If you are a survivor, share your story and be proud of what you went through, and where you are today.

If you are a friend or a loved one of a cancer survivor, Eurolab thanks you for the role you played in offering your friend or partner the support they needed.

To all cancer survivors: May you not only continue to survive, but to thrive!