World Cancer Day is taking place on February 4 this year. This annual event marks a day where various cancer awareness initiatives are hosted globally. The theme for this year’s event is, “close the care gap”.
This is a subject close to our hearts. Our very existence as a company emanates from the passion of our founders, Gabe Simaan and Lynne du Toit, who started Eurolab with the vision of making cancer care more affordable for all South Africans. This guiding principle still drives us in all that we do. We acknowledge the added financial burden that receiving a cancer diagnosis can place on a family. We aim to keep our medicines as affordable as possible by offering high quality generic alternatives to cancer patients.
We take this opportunity to honour all cancer patients, those who tirelessly advocate for the improvement of their care and the healthcare professionals who treat them. Our pledge is to keep playing our part in broadening access to life saving cancer medicines for South African patients in need.
Since its inception, Eurolab has driven the price of oncology medicine in South Africa down by as much as 53% in molecules in which we compete compared to an average price increase of 31% in those molecules in which we do not compete. We continue to actively expand on our treatment offerings and develop new initiatives to make cancer
treatments accessible to South Africans in need.
#closethegap #worldcancerday2023