Eurolab has backed the Happime Foundation to support girls and young women in disadvantaged communities and help them stay in school during their monthly cycles.

Happime was set up by two incredible women determined to address the indignity that the lack of menstrual hygiene products inflicts on girls at school. Dr Keorapetse Tabane and Dr Fikile Tsela, both medical specialists in private practice, set up the Happime Foundation to combat ‘period poverty’. Dr Tabane says, “When girls have access to quality sanitary towels they are able to attend school throughout every month without interruptions and without shame. This allows them to learn consistently, get the marks they need and pursue their studies, careers and dreams.”

Eurolab joins community of HappiGivers

To provide quality pads to girls at school in disadvantaged communities, the Happime Foundation raises funds through a community of HappiGivers comprising individuals and corporates. Eurolab is now part of this community and recently handed over a year’s supply of sanitary pads to every female student at the Thembisa West Secondary School in Thembisa, situated in Johannesburg’s East Rand area.

Eurolab Group CEO, Lynne Du Toit, says, “There is no dignity for young women if they don’t have basic necessities such as sanitary pads. It’s an honour for us to support the girls at this school and I hope that Eurolab’s donation will promote a sense of pride and confidence in their womanhood in each and every girl. All too often, there is silence and stigma around periods. We aim to increase attendance and empower these girls to go on and excel in their learning and results.

“My wish is that other corporates will follow suit to support this important empowerment initiative.”

Young girls need quality sanitary towels to stay in school

According to the Happime Foundation, one in every ten girls on the African continent misses school because of the lack of access to sanitary towels. This sees girls drop out of school, their academic performance plummet, their career choices affected and their confidence undermined as they make the important journey into womanhood.

Dr Fikile Tsela is a Specialist Physician and Nephrologist in private practice in Pretoria, where she provides specialist nephrology services in a number of private dialysis facilities, her base being at Unitas Hospital. Dr Keo Tabane is a Specialist Physician, Medical Oncologist and Director of Sandton Oncology in Johannesburg, a privately-run Oncology Unit, where she has practiced since 2008.