Focus & Commitment

We bring down the costs of cancer care and retain a strong focus on quality.

Innovation, quality care and international best practice

Eurolab began in 2011 with a commitment to bring down the costs of cancer treatment for cancer patients in South Africa and make cancer care more affordable. In achieving this, the company has focused on introducing innovation into South Africa’s cancer care environment to offer more cancer patients more options for treatment and recovery. This journey is far from over, and we are continually exploring strategies to introduce new products and programmes into the South African market. 

We believe that every cancer patient deserves the best chance of treatment success.” – Lynne Du Toit, Eurolab Group CEO.


Across our operations, we are compliant to local regulations. These accreditations ensure that Eurolab’s manufacturing sites adhere to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirements which describe the minimum standard that a medicines manufacturer must meet in their production processes and the European Medicines Agency’s (EMA) scientific guidelines verify compliance with these standards.


Our Eurolab products undergo extensive testing, first at the site of the manufacturer and then through an independent laboratory. No Eurolab product is released for sale unless it has passed rigorous tests. Adverse drug reactions (ADRs) reported to Eurolab are immediately managed by following SAHPRA guidelines, consistent with international best practice. Imported Eurolab products undergo batch release at the source in the country of manufacture before local regulatory release through accredited laboratories in South Africa. Only then are they distributed into the South African market. We also value and respond to feedback from patients and oncologists in order to maintain the highest levels of quality and service.


As well as dealing with their cancer treatment, patients must face the financial burden that treatment can place on them. Our work is dedicated to supporting cancer patients from diagnosis through treatment. We achieve this by maintaining excellent relationships with oncologists and the broader healthcare team and by bringing down the cost of cancer treatment. By supplying the highest quality medication at the most affordable prices, today, South African patients are paying less than half of what they were paying in 2011 for the molecules we participate in. We value patient feedback as it allows us to improve our ongoing effort to maintain the highest level of quality and safety. 


We have a proven track record of providing the least expensive treatment option for cancer patients. Since 2011, Eurolab has driven the price of oncology medicine down by 53% for the molecules we participate in and today, our products are used more extensively than any other oncology products in South Africa. We are also the generic choice for most wholesalers and medical aids. Today, patients are paying less than half of what they were paying eight years ago. Our Aseptic Services Unit, the Gamma Knife and Oncolab have all been introduced to reduce the cost of diagnosing and treating cancer patients while enhancing the quality of care.

A proudly South African company

Eurolab is a local South African business employing South Africans and developing skills in this country. It re-invests its profits into the South African economy, helping to build communities in need and further developing its whole-of-cancer offering, from diagnosis through to treatment.

International best practice

We look to the rest of the world for breakthroughs in cancer diagnosis & treatment and bring the best of these effective options to South Africa. We only launch oncology products that have been successfully used internationally, notably in territories which have stringent regulatory oversight such as the US, UK and EU. 

Expansion into Africa and internationally

Having established its footprint in South Africa, the company is now forging partnerships beyond South Africa’s borders to successfully treat cancer patients and prolong life on the African continent


We regard pharmacovigilance as central to our quality pledge rather than merely a legal and administrative requirement. Eurolab’s pharmacovigilance programme is aligned to the World Health Organisation’s definition of pharmacovigilance as the science and activities relating to the detection, assessment, understanding and prevention of adverse effects or any other drug-related problem. Similarly, its focus is on enhancing patient care and patient safety in relation to the use of medicines. As Eurolab expands to bring new and innovative cancer products into the African market, we are working hard to ensure that pharmacovigilance systems are developed accordingly.

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