Innovation & Technology

We bring new innovations and technology in cancer care to South Africa.

Innovation & Technology

Eurolab is one of South Africa’s most innovative oncology companies having introduced new treatments, therapies and technologies into South Africa on an ongoing basis since its establishment in 2011.

We evaluate all emerging technologies in oncology and cancer treatment to identify innovations and new developments that will be relevant to the South African market. Our focus is on bringing the latest innovations and treatments into the country to help oncologists and their patients fight cancer.

Biomab Pharmaceutical

Strategic collaborations – bringing originator pharmaceutical products, new chemical entities and new biologicals into the South African market

Biomab is an innovative South African pharmaceutical business established by Eurolab in 2020 to bring originator pharmaceutical products, new chemical entities and new biologicals into the South African market. It is being made possible through strategic collaborations with international research and development agencies and pharmaceutical leaders.


High dose, non-invasive radiosurgery for delicate brain tissue

In 2017, through a partnership with Netcare’s Milpark Hospital, we brought the Gamma Knife to South Africa. This machine is referred to as the international gold standard in intracranial radiosurgery. Its high level of precision and ability to focus on a precise target ensures that the risk of inaccuracies and radiation affecting healthy surrounding tissue are minimalised.


Specialised testing to provide the best options for patient management

In 2019, through a partnership with Alberts Cellular Therapy (ACT), Eurolab set up a specialised oncology and haematology testing facility which provides diagnostics in haematological malignancies and solid tumours. Previously, these tests could only be performed in the United States and Europe



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