Compliance and collaboration drives the Eurolab business

Eurolab maintains strong relationships with a range of different players to fulfill its goal of bringing down the cost of cancer treatment and raising the quality of cancer care in South Africa. We are also working on building new partnerships on the African continent to expand our offerings to cancer patients beyond our borders.

To achieve the best outcomes for patients, we work with and for a range of partners and stakeholders in South Africa and internationally, all of whom are central to our business. This is why we focus on quality; work hard to ensure our business remains compliant with key regulatory bodies, including Single Exit Price regulations; and why we maintain the security of supply of our generic oncology medicines at a national level in South Africa. With Eurolab, patients do not experience treatment interruptions.


Collaboration amongst our partners and stakeholders is vital for the Eurolab business. Our partners and stakeholders include:

  • Regulators such as South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA), South African Pharmacy Council (SAPC) and the National Department of Health in South Africa (NDoH)
  • The pharmacy sector including pharmacies, the South African Association of Hospital and Institutional Pharmacists (SAAHIP), the Pharmaceutical Society of South Africa (PSSA) and South African Association for Pharmacist in Industry (SAAPI)
  • Professional associations including the Independent Clinical Oncology Network (ICON), the South African Society of Medical Oncology (SASMO) and the South African Society for Clinical and Radiation Oncologists (SASCRO)
  • Managed care organisations
  • Universities and research organisations in South Africa
  • Oncology practices comprising radiation oncologists, medical oncologists and haematologists
  • The National Department of Health in South Africa
  • Ambulatory care services
  • Medical Aids and Schemes
  • Hospital care groups
  • Distributors & Suppliers
  • Healthcare workers including nurses, pharmacists and counsellors
  • Civil society organisations and, last but not least
  • International pharmacy associations and research institutions

Quality ADR reporting and compliance





Our investments in top-of-the-range technology allow us to track and trace every product and process across the business at any point in time. We are therefore able to deliver quality Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR) reporting and traceability.

Eurolab also complies with current regulations to hold accredited Continuous Professional Development (CPD) events, as part of our mission to maintain excellence in oncology and cancer care. We support industry events and conferences where we engage with our partners, explore opportunities for new collaborations, and learn from the country’s leading oncology, healthcare, compliance and regulatory specialists.

Our strong relationships with all our partners and stakeholders allow us to offer quality in everything we do, from cancer diagnosis through to treatment and care.